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Sean McQuaid Recognized as a “Notable Managing Partner” in Florida Trend Legal Elite’s 2024 Special Edition

Sean McQuaid Recognized as a “Notable Managing Partner” in Florida Trend Legal Elite's 2024 Special Edition

Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. announces Sean McQuaid’s second consecutive nomination on the prestigious Florida Trend/Legal Elite’s Notable Managing Partners List, 2024 edition.

This honor is given to leaders who have shown strategic growth, innovation, and significant impact on their legal communities. Our firm agrees that Mr. McQuaid fits this definition.

Sean McQuaid

Sean McQuaid has been the Managing Partner and President of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. for the past five years. Under his leadership, the firm has seen significant growth and modernization.

An alumnus of Princeton University, he pursued his law degree at Stetson University College of Law. This top-tier education laid a foundation for his successful legal career. His expertise, particularly in personal injury and criminal law, continues to be recognized both locally and nationally.

What It Means to Be a “Notable Managing Partner” for Florida Trend’s Legal Elite

The ideal candidate for recognition in Florida Trend’s Legal Elite’s “Notable Managing Partner” special edition has a good-standing status with the Florida Bar. They serve as a managing partner or equivalent, supervising a minimum of 10 professional staff members. They must have made significant contributions and impact in their field, mentor other attorneys, promote inclusivity, demonstrate leadership abilities in professional organizations, and engage in civic and community activities.

The Impactful Leadership Style of Sean McQuaid

Sean McQuaid stands out as an exceptional managing partner in providing a pleasant and stable working environment for the employees. In recent years, the firm has adapted due to employee expectations after Covid. Now, many employees are able to work remotely- many in other states or even outside of the United States. Our employees are trusted and empowered.

Mr. McQuaid has also had an impact beyond the law firm. He has taken an active role in the community. He has served on multiple boards in leadership positions, giving back to the community.

The success of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. can be attributed to McQuaid’s approach to leadership. His style is characterized by:

  1. Proactive decision-making
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Empowering his team

This method not only promotes growth but also fosters an environment of trust and respect among his team members.

“Effective leadership goes beyond achieving professional recognition. It’s about making a positive impact both within and outside the firm.”

Sean McQuaid’s inclusion in the Florida Trend/Legal Elite’s Notable Managing Partners List for 2024 is more than just an individual achievement; it represents the firm’s overall reputation and commitment to excellence. His leadership goes beyond managing staff—it shows how a dedicated leader can make a difference in a law firm. Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. is known for its legal expertise, because the firm is constantly adding legal talent. The best lawyers and staff want to work at our firm because of the environment that Mr. McQuaid has created.

To learn more about the firm, explore the services offered by Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. They have a long-standing commitment to the law and their clients, which leaders like Sean McQuaid consistently demonstrate.

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Sharing is Caring!

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