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Slip and Fall at Baseball Game Settled After Lawsuit Filed

Success Story

My client was a visitor at a high school baseball game to watch her grandson play in the Spring of 2021. The game took place at a private school. As she walked to the field, she tripped on a raised portion of the sidewalk and fell forward.

When she fell to the ground, her arms went out and she hit the sidewalk face first. The force knocked her front teeth out. There was blood everywhere. In addition to the scrapes and bruises, she also sustained an injury to her neck.

The Investigation:

A bystander was thoughtful enough to take great pictures of the area where she fell. The sidewalk was under a tree and the roots had pushed the edge of the sidewalk up on one side about 4 inches. It was a dangerous condition and the school should have taken steps to fix it or warn people. Also, because the sidewalk was white, the raised portion blended in.

The Case:

I made a demand for her injuries and medical bills to the school. The school sent the demand to their insurance company, which ignored it. I made multiple calls and sent multiple letters, but they never made an offer. So, after many months of trying, we filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit must have woke the insurance company up. They hired a lawyer and he reached out to us. With this increased communication, we were able to settle the case quickly. Our client never had to go to court. All of her medical bills were handled and there was money left over for her.

Sharing is Caring!


Sharing is Caring!

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