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$250,000 Recovered for Shoulder Surgery After Car Accident

Success Story

My client lives in St. Petersburg, but was doing a delivery for his work in Tampa.  He was technically on the clock.  As he headed toward his destination, another car turned in front of him causing an accident.  The cars veered off the road and into a pole.  There was over $15,000 of damage to my client’s vehicle.

He went home after the accident and started feeling a lot of pain.  The next morning, he went to Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg with complaints of neck and shoulder pain.  He was checked out and released with a shoulder and neck sprain.

His employer wanted him to got to a Worker’s Compensation doctor.  He called me and we discussed his options.  He chose not to run his medical care through WC.

He began treating with a chiropractor that was close to him.  The treatment was conservative.  Eventually, it was obvious that he needed more than chiropractic care and he was sent to an Orthopedic Group.

He had MRIs taken which revealed two disc herniations in his neck and a torn labrum.  He was recommended for surgery and had the shoulder arthroscopy to repair the torn labrum.  After the surgery, he did a few weeks of physical therapy.

The Settlement:

I sent out the demand to the insurance company and was able to negotiate a settlement of $250,000.  This was enough to pay his medical bills and put quite a bit in his pocket.  He was very happy with the result and plans to use some of the money to fully fund his children’s Florida prepaid college plans.

Sharing is Caring!


Sharing is Caring!

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