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    Insurance companies rarely put your interests before their own. We frequently see insurers act in ‘bad faith’ or unfairly interpret policy wording to avoid paying money out. It is even more common for the insurance carrier to offer less than the true value of your claim. If you are frustrated, getting low offers, or have reached the end of your rope, then contact our insurance dispute attorneys to get you the compensation that you deserve.

    What Is an Insurance Dispute?

    An insurance dispute occurs when a policyholder and insurance company disagree over the result of a filed claim. They are usually caused by acts of “bad faith”.

    Examples of ‘Bad Faith’:

    The following behaviors are often used by insurance companies in attempts to deny or lower the value of a claim:
    • Unfairly denying or undervaluing a claim.
    • Failure to thoroughly investigate a claim and its evidence.
    • Unfairly misinterpreting the terms of a policy.
    • Using threatening behavior in attempts to reduce the payments.
    • Violating the terms of the insurance policy.
    • Frustrating the policyholder, to make them accept a low offer.
    • Failure to communicate promptly.
    • Claim the policyholder didn’t provide important information when purchasing the policy.

    What to Do If Your Insurer Has Acted in Bad Faith?

    In St Petersburg, you have the right to file a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Services. Your insurance company will then have 60 days to respond. Here are the essential steps to take:

    Contact an Insurance Dispute Attorney

    Contacting an insurance dispute attorney is often the only way to motivate the insurance company to reconsider their position. At Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A we offer free consultations. If we are retained, we will investigate and analyze your situation and then contact your insurance company to begin the dispute process.

    Do Not Accept the Settlement

    Accepting a settlement will record that you agreed with the insurer’s decision. It’s crucial that you reject it and contact an insurance dispute attorney as soon as possible if you believe that the offer is not fair.

    Reopening an Old Claim

    Under many circumstances, it’s possible to reopen old insurance claims. This is called a ‘Supplemental Claim’. If you intend to reopen an old claim, then you should contact a bad faith insurance dispute attorney to get started with the process and receive essential advice.

    Mediation and Litigation

    If necessary, your attorney will raise the stakes. In Florida, the state law provides for mediation as a route to resolving an insurance dispute. Litigation may also be used when all other methods fail and your insurer has clearly acted in bad faith.

    Types of Insurance Disputes:

    At Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A we have a team of attorneys that specialize in multiple areas of insurance law, including but not limited to:

    Property Damage Insurance Disputes

    If you have a property damage claim that has been denied, delayed or undervalued, then there is a realistic chance that a property damage attorney can turn the claim in your favor. Common claim types include:

    Property Damage Insurance Companies Use a Range of Tactics to Justify Their Behavior, Which We Are Very Familiar With, Including:

    • Using adjusters that work against your interests, by carrying out substandard investigations of your property
    • Undervaluing your property’s damage
    • Accusing you of arson, in fire claims
    • Failure to carry out geological tests for sinkholes claims
    • Blame you for poor maintenance
    • Claim that damage was caused by “flooding”
    • Blame the damage on “wear and tear”

    About Our Property Damage Dispute Lawyers

    Jonathon W. Douglas leads our highly experienced property damage attorney team and is St Petersburg’s premier attorney for insurance dispute claims. Mr Douglas has represented some of the largest insurers in the State of Florida and will offer reassuring legal assistance to anyone, regardless of the type of damage incurred. Douglas and his team will negotiate with the insurance company, pushing it to reconsider its wrongful denial and if pressed file a suit.

    Personal Injury Insurance Disputes

    Personal injuries can have devastating consequences. The damages are often permanent. As part of our representation, we will pursue medical costs, lost wages, future treatment, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies tend to find improper reasons to reduce the amount of the claim and look for ways to deny it. We are experienced with all areas of personal injury disputes including:

    Auto Accident Claim Disputes

    With over 6 million auto accidents in the U.S. each year, the insurance industry is notorious for taking advantage of victims who are desperate for any amount of compensation. We ensure that their power does not exploit you. We’ll acquire critical evidence and write a demand letter to back-up your needs for a settlement. We are not afraid to challenge an insurance company when the situation requires it.

    Slip and Fall Accident Claim Disputes

    Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common types of accidents in Florida. We regularly see cases of insurance companies blaming victims for the injuries, when in fact the cause was an unsafe or poorly maintained property. We see through these tricks and will point the finger at the business owner’s negligence. We’ll also make sure your injuries weren’t undervalued by acts of bad faith or unfair evaluations.

    About Our Personal Injury Dispute Lawyers

    Aubrey O. Dicus, Jr, Sean K. McQuaid and Jonathon W. Douglas have vast experience handling insurance disputes. As some of the top rated lawyers in Florida, they possess outstanding litigation skills and an unparalleled level of knowledge. They have helped victims throughout St Petersburg and Tampa Bay get back on their feet by successfully handling countless insurance disputes.

    Hire an Insurance Dispute Attorney

    If you need to hire an Insurance Dispute Attorney in St Petersburg or the surrounding areas, then contact Battaglia Ross Dicus & McQuaid, P.A., at (727) 381-2300. We offer free consultations and have the expertise and resources to handle any type of claim.



    Property Damage & Insurance Disputes

    Property Damage Attorney

    For most people, purchasing a homeowners insurance policy provides a sense of security related to potential property damage claims. But in truth, property damage claims are rarely straightforward. Insurance companies do not always look out for the best interests of their insureds which creates the very real potential for a claim to be denied, delayed, or underpaid. At Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A we take on the challenge of holding insurance companies responsible for what should be paid to our clients for their property damage claims. Ensure your insurance company holds up its end of the bargain, with legal assistance from our property damage attorney team.

    Property Damage Attorney

    At Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A we take on the challenge of holding insurance companies responsible for what should be paid to our clients for their property damage claims. Ensure your insurance company holds up its end of the bargain, with legal assistance from our property damage attorney team.


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