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NHTSA Data Reveals Deadliest Vehicles in the U.S.

We all know that automobiles are very heavy machines that can destroy lives, and drivers should have a healthy respect for their power and force and ability to cause catastrophic devastation in the blink of an eye. Every day new car safety features are designed, tested, and implemented in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring, and when an accident does happen, to minimize the resulting damage. And while the vast majority of accidents are caused by human error, there are other factors that cause or contribute to collisions, injuries and even death. Accidents happen every day, but there are certain vehicles that are involved in accidents more often than others. In this article, we will look at which vehicles are the deadliest in the US.


The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) is the governmental agency that, quite simply, is responsible for keeping people safe on US roadways. The NHTSA enforces standards for vehicle performance and works with state and local governments by providing grants to states so they can implement traffic safety programs, designed to reduce accident fatalities, injuries, and economic losses from motor vehicle accidents. They also collect crash data and report their findings to the public.

ValuePenguin, a third-party company, analyzed fatal crash data from the NHTSA to determine which cars, trucks and SUVs are most likely to be involved in fatal crashes, and here are the results.

1. Ford F-Series

The #1 most dangerous vehicle on the road is the Ford F-Series.

The Ford F-Series, which includes the F-150 and its bigger siblings the F-250 and F-350, was involved in more fatal accidents than any other car, truck or SUV – 10,845 fatalities. The vast majority were for the F-150, which accounted for 65% of all fatal F-Series crashes. The F-Series is also the most popular truck in America, having sold nearly a million trucks in 2018. And even though it is the deadliest vehicle, it is the fourth-cheapest vehicle to insure in America.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

The second most deadly vehicle is another large pickup truck, the Chevrolet Silverado. It was involved in 7,718 fatal crashes. The height of the vehicle may be a contributing factor. It is the tallest vehicle on the road, with a standard height of 75” tall. In Arkansas and Vermont, the Silverado is the deadliest car.

3. Honda Accord

Surprisingly, the Honda Accord made the list as the third-deadliest vehicle overall, and the most-often crashed passenger car, accounting for 5,079 fatal crashes. It was also more dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle than those outside the car. Only the Ford Mustang ranked as more dangerous for occupants.

4. Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry, the most popular sedan in the United States, is the fourth-most deadly car. It was involved in 4,734 crashes over our study period. However, the Camry consistently sells more cars than its top competitor, the Honda Accord. This suggests that it’s less likely to be involved in a fatal crash than the Accord. The Camry also has slightly fewer occupants killed per crash — 0.59, compared to the Accord’s 0.65.

5. Ram pickup (all models)

The Ram pickup (formerly the Dodge Ram) was yet another popular pickup truck with a high rate of involvement in fatal crashes – 5,897. However, Ram occupants were the least likely overall to be killed in a crash. The 2001 model year of the Ram tended to be involved in the most fatal crashes during our study period. As many as 416,2001 Ram pickups were involved in fatal crashes.

Finishing off the list of top 10 deadliest vehicles are:

6. Honda Civic – 4,397 fatal crashes

7. Toyota Corolla – 3,430 fatal crashes

8. Ford Explorer – 3,332 fatal crashes

9. Nissan Altima – 3,267 fatal crashes

10. GMC Sierra – 3,245 fatal crashes


Other Fatality Statistics

Ford Mustang occupants are the most likely occupants to be killed among all the vehicle data analyzed. An average of 0.71 occupants are killed per fatal crash.

The Ram pickup has the fewest – 0.43 occupant deaths per fatal crash.

Even though there are several pickup trucks on the top 10 deadliest list, there are more than twice the number of fatal passenger car accidents. There were over 100,000 passenger car fatalities: significantly more than the nearly 43,000 pickup truck fatalities.

And the safest type of vehicle to travel in, with minimal risk of fatality – a bus, followed closely by the minivan!

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