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How a St. Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Hiring a St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer is essential if you want to have a smooth and successful personal injury claim. You’ll be up against opposing lawyers and insurance representatives who simply don’t care about you.

With a no-win, no-fee agreement you can rest assured that you’re not going to pay for anything unless you win. That also means that your lawyer will be working hard to gain a big settlement, as they’ll benefit too.

Here are the top ways a St. Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer can help your case:

5 Ways a St. Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

1. Win the Maximum Possible Settlement

In the vast majority of cases, victims that use a St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer gain far more compensation than those who file a personal injury claim alone.

As insurance companies are for-profit, they will attempt to pay you the minimum settlement fee. But our St. Petersburg truck accident lawyers have the knowledge and skill set to fight back.

2. Handle Daunting Insurance Company Communications

Insurance companies are slippery people to handle. Their communications can seem friendly and supportive, but then bite back. They can promise one thing, and then offer another. They can manipulate, bully and test you.

Mind games like that are all very tiring and often the last thing a truck accident victim needs when recovering. Our St. Petersburg truck accident lawyers will handle all communications on your behalf. From phone calls and emails to letters and in-person meetings, you can recover knowing your case is in expert hands.

3. Determining the At-Fault Party or Parties

A critical step in any successful truck accident case is determining who was responsible for the crash.

Truck accidents are usually more complicated than regular car accidents, as they can involve multiple parties. If you don’t work out who was really at-fault, you won’t get the coverage you deserve.

A truck accident lawyer can use their resources and investigation skills to analyze your crash and track down the at-fault party. It may be a:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Truck maintenance provider
  • Government agency
  • Shipping provider
  • Other road users

Proving that another party(s) was at-fault can also help you reduce any share of the truck accident liability. In Florida, the ‘comparative fault’ law determines the share of truck accident liability. The percentage you’re at fault will be taken out of your settlement. For example, if you were 10% at fault, then a $100,000 settlement would be reduced by $10,000.

4. Gather Case Winning Evidence

To win a truck accident injury claim, you must prove that the other party was negligent. That means showing that they owed you a duty of care, that they broke it and that it directly resulted in your damages.

This requires investigative investigations, which our St. Petersburg truck accident lawyers can complete. From gathering police reports and CCTV footage to using witness testimonies and specialists, our resources will prove the true cause of your accident.

Obtaining the Black Box Data

The FMCSA requires that every commercial truck in the U.S. must keep a record of specific data, usually via a ‘black box’.

Obtaining this data is critical to revealing the truck’s condition and driver’s behavior in the moments before the accident such as:

  • Airbag status
  • Communication information
  • Cruise control settings
  • Mileage
  • Precise GPS location
  • The steering angle
  • The truck’s RPM
  • The truck’s speed
  • The use and force of brakes
  • Throttle application
  • Tire pressure
  • Seat belt status

By hiring a St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer, you may be able to obtain this data which can be critical in winning your case.

5. Prove the True Value of Your Damages

If you don’t get a satisfactory settlement, you could be left paying out of pocket for your medical bills and suffering for lost wages and other damages.

Insurance companies and defending parties will not help you when it comes to covering the wide range of damages you’ve possibly suffered. There are a large number of different areas you may be able to gain compensation for, that many people overlook.

A St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer will investigate your case and use financial experts and injury specialists to prove the true value of your damages. This could include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Future Earnings
  • In-Home Care Expenses
  • Medical Equipment Costs
  • Transportation Expenses

Many people also overlook non-economic damages, which don’t have a regular monetary value attached. These can be hard to recover without evidence and a strong argument, so having a St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer is essential.

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Depression and mental health issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Scarring and Disfigurement
  • Long-term disabilities

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Our award-winning attorneys have vast experience helping people like you build a like between their ancient and injuries, so they receive the necessary financial coverage.

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