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Denied Homeowners Insurance Claim Successfully Resolved After Lawsuit

Success Story


As is all too often the case in the State of Florida, my clients found that their water damage homeowners insurance claim was denied by their homeowners’ insurance carrier. The denial came after my clients found that their home suffered significant water damage after water leaked from their HVAC system. After discovering the water leak and subsequent damage, my clients reported their claim to their homeowners insurance company. While the insurance company sent out an adjuster to investigate the claim, the insurance company wrongfully denied my clients’ claim.

The Case:

Despite my clients’ requests for the insurance company to reconsider the denial, my clients were left with a significantly water-damaged home and no insurance money to fix it. Based upon this wrongful denial of insurance benefits, we filed a lawsuit against my clients’ homeowners insurance company for breaching the insurance contract. Once in litigation, the insurance company realized that their wrongful denial of insurance benefits was not going to hold up in court. After this realization, the insurance company ended up paying for my clients damages as well as my attorney fees.

While filing a lawsuit is not always the best course of action, for these clients, it was the only course of action which ultimately held the homeowners insurance company accountable. If you or anyone you know has questions about a homeowners insurance claim, contact me immediately for a free case evaluation.

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Sharing is Caring!

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