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10 Signs That You Need a Hurricane Ian Claims Lawyer

Due to its devastating impact and destruction, millions of people are currently making Hurricane Ian claims in Florida. We’ve had a lot of calls from homeowners asking “Do I Need a Hurricane Ian Claims Lawyer?”

The answer lies in the circumstances of your claim, but here’s our underlying message:

Insurance companies are for-profit companies that will do everything possible to minimize their outgoing costs. Florida is facing losses of up to $47 billion, so they may try to manipulate, deny and undervalue their customers.

Here are the ten key signs that it’s time to hire a Hurricane Ian claims lawyer:

When It’s Time to Hire a Hurricane Ian Claims Attorney

1. Distinguishing between Flood Losses and Homeowners Insurance Losses

Your homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance may be disputing the type of damage to either undervalue your claim or deny it entirely. This happens when there is both a flood loss and a homeowners insurance loss. Homeowners insurance carriers will look to place any and all blame on the flood loss attempting to reduce the amount to be paid by the Homeowners insurance carrier.

Our Hurricane Ian claims lawyers will work with you to prove what caused the water damage, wind damage, and flood damage to ensure you get the full benefit of the available insurance coverages.

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2. If Your Claim Has Been Denied

Call a Hurricane Ian claims lawyer fast if your insurance claim has been denied.

There are very few reasons why your claim should be denied entirely, yet insurance companies try it in the hope that their customers will accept it and move on.

In some cases, denials are unjust and can even be in bad faith. Our hurricane Ian claims attorneys can reopen your case and prove that you are entitled to compensation to repair or rebuild your home.

3. If You’re Asked to Sign a Release

If your insurance company asks you to sign a release soon after the storm (or if you still have unresolved damage), then alarm bells should be ringing. Call an attorney so they can review the proposed release.

Just because the storm has passed doesn’t mean the damage has. Hurricane damage can worsen over time, due to weakened foundations, structural damage and more.

A release may be a trick to lure you into limiting how much the insurer owes you.

4. Your Claim Has Been Undervalued

Call a Hurricane Ian claims lawyer fast if your insurance company fails to provide coverage for the entire loss.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to cut corners on their estimates to minimize their outgoing cost. But in reality, you will be left to pay out-of-pocket for the remaining repairs and replacements.

An attorney can reveal the true value and scope of the loss by using contractors, engineers and other professionals that specialize in dealing with insurance claims.

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5. Negotiations Are At a Stand-Still

The mere presence of an attorney can help get negotiations moving in the right direction, as the insurance company knows there’s no point messing you around anymore.

6. You’ve Been Told You Don’t Have Coverage or About ‘Loop-Holes’

It’s very easy for an insurance company to overcomplicate things. They know that many customers will accept the idea of mysterious ‘loopholes’ and policy fine print. Don’t fall for this.

If you contact our Hurricane Ian claims lawyers, we’ll review your policy and take action if the insurance company’s claims are baseless.

Common Examples:

  • The adjuster says you’re only entitled to the ‘Actual Cash Value’, but really you should be reimbursed for Replacement Cost.
  • Adjusters say detached buildings are not covered when your policy says they are.

7. You’ve Been Delayed or ‘Ghosted’

Contact a Hurricane Ian lawyer if your insurance carrier may be acting in bad faith.

If your insurance company is not responding or has failed to meet the deadlines, then they must pay your claims. They may also be required to pay penalties and attorney fees if they are found to have acted in bad faith..

8. You’re Advised Not to Use an Attorney

Red flag! You always have the right to use an attorney in a property damage claim. If you’re told otherwise, it means the insurer is trying to hide or get away with something. They cannot and will not penalize you for using an attorney. If that happens to you, think of doing the opposite, fast!

9. You’ve Been Pushed to Admit Fault

Insurance companies may try to trick homeowners into admitting fault to avoid paying out.

You might be asked to admit that you left a door or window open, or that you didn’t realize the damage existed long in advance. Most likely, this isn’t true.

We know navigating the claims process is challenging, but don’t give in. Contact a Hurricane Ian claims attorney so they can handle the claim on your behalf.

10. You’re Bullied or Manipulated

Finally, if your insurer is pressuring you, emotionally bullying you or using any other tricks, then call a property damage lawyer as soon as possible.

Don’t feel like you’re overreacting. We understand what you’re going through. This is your home on the line, and you deserve the maximum possible settlement.

Signs That You Don’t Need a Property Damage Lawyer Yet

Alternatively, there may be signs that you don’t need to pick up the phone just yet.

  • They’re sending new adjusters or specialists to review your property.
  • They’re replying swiftly and treating you with respect.
  • They explain everything clearly.
  • They’re not pressuring you.
  • They’re not undervaluing or denying your claim.
  • You understand and feel confident in the claims process.

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